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Sir Thomas Lipton

Lipton (ティーハウス リプトン[京都])

Since we opened tea house "Lipton Tea House" in Kyoto in 1930, Tea House Lipton keeps creating a scene that there is always fresh tea in a diversifying food culture for more than 80 years. We keep developing to serve the best blend tea, dishes full of originality, special tarts and desserts using only the finest natural ingredients under the guidance of top Japanese chefs in a pleasant atmosphere of a new age.



Here at Kyoto Murasakino Fukunaga, we strive to innovate new fashion of tastes whilst maintaining the true essence of Kyoto. We highly recommend for you to try our ‘Kyoto Murasakino cookie Kyo-no-kaori ’. Based off Kyoto’s local ingredients of ‘Daitokuji Natto’ and signature matcha from Wazuka. On a seasonal occasion, we produce a variety signature styled cakes.



You can enjoy Infuse tea and tea goods, baked scones and cakes made from well-selected materials. Please enjoy an elegant tea time in a comfortable salon.


名代とんかつ  かつくら

"Katsukura" is a Kyoto style pork cutlet restaurant opened in Kyoto where people seek real food carefully nurtured. Our original "Kyoto style pork cutlet" made of healthy ingredients is fried tender-crisp and rich though it is juicy. The serve style of customers' grinding sesame while waiting for their dishes originally started in "Katsukura" here in Kyoto. The stylish space popular with women is also loved by overseas customers. "Katsukura" is a pork cutlet restaurant which is always seeking new things all through the ages.


炭火串焼き  串くら

We make customers enjoy nostalgic but new taste by adding hospitality of Kyoto cuisine to simple recipe of char-grill dishes. That is our cuisine at "Kushikura". We are particular about selecting the finest ingredients and freshness because of its simplicity. We would like to give hospitality to customers with dishes made of fresh ingredients and Kyoto vegetables of four seasons in winter. We serve customers cold dish to make them relaxed and relieve their weariness of a journey in hot summer. We give the very best service with such thoughts every day. The restaurant is an over 100-year-old Kyoto Machiya (merchant's house) which has been passed down carefully through the ages. Please enjoy delicious time in the historic and traditional cultural atmosphere of Machiya

Tisaneria Kyoto

Tisaneria (ティサネリーア)

With the concept of natural healing and preventive medicine, which is the origin of Santa Maria Novella' s 800-year history, deep food culture of Kyoto is reflected with the leading technique and sensitivity of Italian cuisine in Tisaneria Kyoto. This was opened to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the sister-city relationship between Kyoto and Florence.



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