history of FUKUNAGA

Hyozo Fukunaga established the first "Lipton Tea House" in Kyoto in 1930, which was under the direct control of England Lipton Tea and introduced English tea culture for the first time in Japan.
America was in the midst of The Great Depression at that time. However, it is said to be good to start a business in bad economic times, and he decided to do open a shop. He established an English-style shop designed exactly alike London's tea salon at the age of 26, exercised his ingenuity to food culture and made all kinds of efforts on field-oriented approach. Thus, Kyoto Lipton Tea House has become to grab the spotlight as a leader of tea shop industry.
Thereafter with the times in 1993, we opened "Charcoal-grilled foods on skewers, Kushikura" with our tea shop experience based on the motto to make a shop that appeals to female customers.
In 1994, we developed a new style. "Kyoto-style pork cutlet"

Aug 1930 Founded the English Lipton Tea direct house at Sanjo Kyoto
Nov 1951 Opened Lipton Shijo shop
June 1957 Established confectionary factory
Dec 1967

Changed trade name to Fukunaga Co., Ltd

Nov 1980

Opened Lipton Tea House at Shijo-Teramachi

Jan 1993

Open Charcoal grilling Kushikura main restaurant
which is our new business

July 1994

Opened Katsukura shop in Shijo in Kyoto

July 1995

Opened Katsukura shop in Sanjo in Kyoto

Oct 1996

Opened Katsukura Shinjuku Restaurant in Takashimaya Dept. Store-Tokyo

Sept 1997

Opened Honeybee in Kyoto Station (new business)


May 2000

Opened Tea House Lipton Sanjo Cake Shop in Kyoto

Nov 2004

Opened Katsukura Tama-plaza Restaurant in Kanagawa

Oct 2006

Opened Katsukura Mint –Kobe in Hyogo

Mar 2010 

Opened Kushikura Ecute Tokyo Station